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This is for you if you want to Heal

1. SPEAK YOUR TRUTH- express. Talk about your feelings. Who cares what other people think. Don't hide and suppress your feelings down in your soul. Let it out. Write it out. Talk to someone you trust about it. Sometimes expressing the truth in you will set you free.

2. SIT WITH YOUR FEARS & ASK WHAT IT WANTS FROM YOU- don't run away from it, don't push it away, instead move with it. Sit with your demons like a friend in a meditation practice and ask what it wants from you, what it wants to tell you, and what it wants to teach you. Facing your fear is the other side of your freedom.

3. DON'T WAIT FOR BAD TIMES TO BE OVER TO ENJOY YOUR LIFE- life is already happening and happening even quicker than you think. As long as you are breathing, the moment is yours, and you still have the opportunity to make a change. Waiting for something to end or begin to be happy is just wasted time. Learn to embrace each day and find the tiny moments to be grateful for.

4. ALLOW, ACCEPT & ACKNOWLEDGE- Allow the pain to be present, accept what it is, and acknowledge your process.

5. MAKE USE OF YOUR PAIN & PUT IT INTO SOMETHING GOOD- stop making excuses that you can't do something because you have this or that. Put your pain into use. Turn it into your masterpiece. Turn it into artwork, a workout, a story, a book, or a song. Whatever you want. It's yours to create. Let it motivate you and allow you to expand your thoughts and creativity. See every challenge and pain as a gift to strengthen you, and dare to embrace every obstacle with a warrior attitude.

6. SURRENDER- stop trying to change or control how things are in your life, especially when trying to force something that's not going your way. As easy as it sounds and hard to do, surrendering is powerful enough to help us stay in the moment rather than fight what we can't control. Let it go, and let God guide you.

7. FIGHT FOR WHAT YOU LOVE & WHAT YOU WANT- life is too short to waste a great opportunity or avoid expressing your feelings. Don't let these chances slide. Allow yourself to be in a position you never thought of. An experience of "I never thought I would do this" than "I wish I did this" is far more satisfying to the soul than living with regret. Giving yourself a chance to feel what your heart wants is so fulfilling. The things you never got the opportunity to do in your past, release with passion and let it motivate you to only better yourself each day.

8. BE GENTLE WITH YOURSELF- healing and recovering takes time. In the growth process, remind yourself that it's okay to feel what you feel. Don't be so hard on yourself that you have to be at a certain level of happiness to be happy. Every day, do something small for yourself that you enjoy.

9. LOVE YOURSELF & YOU WILL LOVE LIFE AGAIN- stop the blame. Stop the hate and eliminate the "I don't deserve it" attitude. Life can get messy, but loving yourself first is the essential part of living. Begin small each day, practice self-love affirmations, do little things for yourself, take breaks between your days, acknowledge how much you've done in one day, not in one month or a year but in one day, and gradually build from there.

10. GO WHERE IT HURTS- pay attention to the places, people or things that trigger your emotions. Don't ignore the feelings and emotions that cause your body to ache. Don't push away feelings and things that make you feel uncomfortable. Take your time with things. Instead, take a breather and meditate on what makes you feel uneasy. Talk with it and ask God to help you understand why you think and feel the way you do and to give you the strength to get through it. Meditate with your past and your present moment. There could be a reason why these uncomfortable feelings are rising to your surface. It hurts, but it will heal, and it wants you to clear your energy so you can be free.


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