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Solo trip to a Women's Radiance Retreat in Bowen Island

Imagine being alone somewhere in nature absorbing in all the tranquility that mother nature brings into your soul. It's quiet, you're far away from the busy world, your body is relaxed and your mind is clear. This welcoming feeling of peace and renewal from all the trees, the sun in the blue sky, the sound of the river flow and the birds tweeting from trees to trees. This majestic nature is bringing you all the treat of wellness and pure intentions. And here you are in the moment...

photographed by wix

I have been longing to experience a wellness retreat and travelling solo. After having children, it gets more challenging to find time to do almost everything, so as my kids got a bit older, I found some time and booked a wellness retreat.

I felt that going to a women's retreat would be the best mini getaway. Not only to spend time by myself but to meet other like-minded souls out there too. A non judgemental space. A space where women that are also seeking their own self-discovery path, healing old wounds, taking a breather, connecting with their spirit, simply to just relax from the busy world or just connecting with women who get it. Everyone goes on a retreat for many reasons, and I had a remarkable experience that I want to share with you all about it.

I found a retreat online that I felt was calling me, called "Women's Radiant Retreat for Healers, Seekers and Creatives" held in Bowen Island, BC. What drew me to this retreat was the location—in a centre called Xenia "A Place to Be" a 38 acre land located in the middle of a forest; secluded, quiet and peaceful. Hugged around by thousands of trees, blue skies, water and everything else, mother nature. And all the activities held in the retreat, which were:

1. Kundalini Dancing- a spiritual practice that focuses on breath work, body movement, sound and flow. Taking us on an inner journey to discover who we are. It's a spiritual freedom dance that allows you to connect with your deeper self. Our kundalini dance was guided by our sweet & enthusiastic instructor Martine.

2. Finger Painting- painting has always been a significant release of emotions exploring through various colours. This activity will always be one of my favourites as I love painting since I was a young kid. Our soothing class was guided by the talented artist Laura, who only paints with her fingers. We were to pick an object from the outdoors and paint all the colours we see in that object, even if it's invisible but how we see it as a metaphor for how we see life.

3. Partner Yoga- was something different I had never tried. There are so many benefits to this style of yoga. It improves so much such as strengthening, balance, posture, connection with your partner, and a lot of fun! Our class was guided by our talented and creative yoga instructor, photographer, host and creator of the retreat, Suzanne.

4. Radiant Reels & Transitions with the fun and joyful Ida

5. Soul Session with Sound Healing with Martine

6. Mini Photoshoot with Suzanne

7. Delicious, Nourish Meals by our fantastic chef Georgie by The Rooted Table

8. and Time for Ourselves.

I spent my weekend in a lush green forest with a little garden right out front of my cottage where I slept for the 2 nights. My view followed a mini pathway to a meadow surrounded by peaceful tall grass, pretty wild flowers and a friendly horse Khodo that swinged by through the day. Being in a place like Xenia, I have never slept so peacefully. So still and quiet, only birds tweeting through day and night. How serene is that? I wish I can hear this sound all day every day. It truly brings in so much inspiration and inner peace!

In this magical 38 acre land were also built in areas for stillness and meditation that you could walk to and through. The meditation places I visited:

1. 1000 year old Douglas Fir tree named OPA (Open Pathways of Awareness)

I can't believe how long this tree has been standing. How many years its been. I'm truly fascinated and honor this so much. People write little notes and stick into the trunk of OPA. I left mine after spending some quiet meditation time with OPA. It truly was such a cleansing moment I'll never forget here.

2. The Labyrinth

A spiritual walk following the path while quieting your mind and listening to the guides. This maze was quite the experience I would say. I've never heard or seen anything like this before and it was very interesting. This photo was taken by Ida with her awesome drone! =)

3. The Sanctuary

I dreamed about this little cottage before I even knew it existed- the Sanctuary. I'm super grateful to have experience this moment in reality and open this magical door that lead me into this room. So still and absolutely serene. Being in this little room brought me back deja vu and relief.

4. Angel's Landing Meadow

A part of this area was this stone circle, a gathering space for healing. It's absolutely breathtaking in the morning here. Also where we had our evening soul session with beautiful chimes played and instructed by Martine <3

I had an amazing weekend exploring Xenia and grateful to have the opportunity to explore this wellness retreat making new friends, meeting different people in all different walks of life, sharing positive time together and blessed to be able to be present with myself. I am definitely looking forward to more wellness retreats in the near future! Each of the activities brought so much sacred and transformation into my self discovery and healing journey. So now if you're wondering if you should go to a retreat too, alone or not, here are some benefits that I know will improve for you:

- getting to know yourself on a deeper level

- meeting like minded people and making new friends

- connecting with nature

- improves your emotional well-being

- find motivation and inspiration

- feeling relax, refresh and light

- embark something new inside of you


If you could do anything or go anywhere to come back a better version of You, what would it be and what would you like to do ?

I hope that this blog finds you where you are, where you are needed.

Stay in Faith, Stay Connected and Stay in Tuned. God Heals <3

Creator & Founder of Radiance Retreat

Retreat photos shot by Ida


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