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My Little Sunshines

I looked out my window and noticed the sunset ray beaming through the trees and shined down towards the buttercups and the tall weeds. It's been a while with my busy mommy schedule, I haven't taken out my camera to photograph some of the things that make my heart soar. I live for sunsets, the sparkling and soft reflections it gives off during the timeless moment.

I found the perfect day to photo shoot my two favourite little humans. And so we took a little adventure evening stroll in our backyard; a cute little trail just right outside the fence of our yard. My 4 year old and my 3 year old sure keep me super busy. I wanted to capture them at this age so when they get older they can look back and have some memories of their childhood. And of course for me to always have memories ands

pohhort photographs of them playing and being little before they grow out of my eyes. What I was expecting was them posing but my imagination was wrong. It was so hard to get them to stay still and so I captured them just being them, being in the moment and doing what they normally would do; playing, picking the weeds out, climbing, bugging each other and then laughing at each other, whining, and running away from me so I can chase them.

The little moments like these, are what I live for.

Love and Light,

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1 Comment

Lisa Tener
Lisa Tener
Jun 06, 2023

Such beautiful pictures. You capture their innocence and connection to each other.

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