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Growth over Company- a day alone in Phuket, Thailand

"Travel far enough, you meet yourself" - David Mitchell

Photo taken in Maya Bay

It's been a while; I have yet to write. Some days I don't know where to begin writing, and then some days, I have a heart full of words to express. Despite that, this introspective journey was one I couldn't miss sharing with you and for me to document my solo adventure of the unknown.

This blog isn't about my experience and reviews about the tour and activities I did during my day trip, but more so of an understanding of growing when you choose to be present in your presence. So continue reading if this interests you!

"Some journeys take you farther from where you come from, but closer to where you belong". - Ron Franscell

I was skeptical about going somewhere alone in a foreign country. Although, it's been on my bucket list to check off for quite some time now. However, since I was already in Thailand for a while, I wondered why not try something for a day. I was in a place where I didn't know anyone, but I had a feeling of what I wanted to do: to be somewhere with water.

I booked a tour to see some of Phuket's most beautiful tropical islands across the ocean. On the day of my arrival at the meet-up spot, I was shy. I walked in alone while everyone else was a couple or a group of family. Furthermore, I thought, "I'm here for me to do me and to experience this time I have while I have it!". And it got better over time, and it was so worth it!

To share a few of my favourite photos of the beautiful crystalline beaches I visited. It was scorching but the perfect day and weather to explore!

I visited Maya Bay Island, Phi Phi Island, Kho Khai Island, Coral Island and Monkey Beach. Every moment spent there, the boat ride, clear boat canoeing, the swimming in the sea, the spectacular breathtaking ocean views, the people I met from different parts of the world, the conversations I had with strangers, and the island culture were all unforgettable. If you read my other blogs where I shared my story about my battle with mental health, it took me a decade to reach this very moment, and I am forever proud, thankful, grateful, and blessed that I am finally here today.

Sometimes you can only do certain things once you first overcome some challenges. And I say that because, in 2016, I wanted to travel alone to Thailand; however, at the back of my heart, I knew that I probably wasn't ready. Fast forward seven years later, through all the time I spent healing myself, I have a much better mindset and confidence to do so from the experience and time I've spent understanding this.

Ten things I learned travelling solo:

  1. You learn to trust your intuition

  2. You learn to be comfortable alone

  3. You understand what's important to you and for you.

  4. You become more open

  5. You become brave

  6. You learn to love and have compassion for yourself and others more.

  7. You learn to have greater independence.

  8. You learn to expand your thoughts.

  9. You learn to get out of your comfort zone.

  10. You give yourself time and space to become more creative.

Travelling solo doesn't mean you only learn about the culture, but you learn about yourself on a personal level. You are away from what you are familiar with and the people you know, which can sound scary at first, but it's a rewarding feeling when you understand the meaning of quieting the noise out and tuning into you.

Why I do things or like to do things alone even if I have kids and a partner, my answer is that I think in life, no matter where you are and who you are with, it's essential to spend some quality time by yourself. Nobody isn't going to save you no matter how big or small your support system is. So it's important to vibe on your own to understand what it's like to be in your presence. To be able to be present with yourself is another part that shapes and holds your entire being. Self-care isn't selfish because it is crucial to return to yourself so you can return to those around you, such as your kids, family, work, etc.

Would I travel solo again? Definitely yes! Next time I would go longer.

I hope you enjoyed reading my blog and that it inspired you somehow. Remember to take some time for yourself! And to live a happy life, it doesn't have to be big, fancy, social media worthy or to anyone's expectations. Start small, and you have the right to shape yours in every way possible!

Stay connected, stay in faith and stay in tuned,



Lisa Tener
Lisa Tener
Jun 06, 2023

Such beautiful photos and I love your insights. I, too, traveled along in Thailand (though not in the south) and it was definitely challenging at times, yet a wonderful experience that made me grow!


Lia Her
Lia Her
May 22, 2023

What a great blog post Maisee! I totally agree with you; travelling to new places can really help you to get to know yourself better. It’s such a fulfilling self-care treat!

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