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First Year of Parenthood

"There are places in the heart you don't even know exist until you love a child". - Anne Lammot

We are all surviving the first year of experiencing our new role as a "Parent". However, wouldn't it be helpful if someone just told us all the things we need to know before we become a Mom? It's tough! Becoming a Mom changed my entire life into different levels of ups and downs. It shook me and I’d wake up every morning thinking if this life that I am now in is Real. Every day I’d feel like my little baby boy only got delivered to me by the door and I am just suddenly titled to be his caregiver. Having a kid means huge responsibility, setting your priorities straight and major sacrifices. Time will be delayed, you will be extra tired, your showers may take 2 seconds, your first meal is your last meal or no meals, and so much more. But that's just what comes with this beautiful package.

I always knew I wanted to be a Mom, a young mom and be settled down with the right person. I said by 26 years old I want to have my first child. However, at 25 years old was when I had my first. I didn't have an exact date when I wanted to conceive. I found out I was pregnant when I was travelling in Asia for 2.5 months. I was in Malaysia to be exact. I took a pregnancy test the day before my return flight to come back home. Thank Goodness! Prior to finding out my pregnancy, I had made plans for myself when I get back home. I was looking so forward to participate in a 7-day yoga retreat in Chiang Mai, Thailand after I straighten some things back at home and work. However, unexpectedly God had bigger and better plans for me.

Becoming a parent, there are so many things we have to let go of, change, put on hold or give up for new things to grow into our lives. And here are some main points of mine:






I wish I knew what POSTPARTUM DEPRESSION was. That it exists and how much it can affect our well-being.

COLIC BABIES they just never stop crying.

Despite the exhaustion, my favourite part of my first year was meeting my baby and all the cuddles we had. The unconditional love I have for him and that he was all mine. I didn't have to return him nor the deepest truest love I ever felt. It stays forever with me and keeps growing.

The best thing about being a parent is the unconditional love you give out and the love you receive back. Being a parent will teach you about patience and all that life has to offer. You'll never ever be bored. Definitely will need some company from a friend or family member but every day you will always have something to look forward to.


Don’t let yourself go. Remember who you were before. You’re still beautiful inside and out, your body has changed dramatically over the past long months but don't lose sight of who you were. You may not be the same person but remember why you are here today, you were meant to be where you are for a reason. During this phase, we may lose ourselves and not know who we are anymore. Your body has changed dramatically inside and out of constantly working 24 hours with all that energy consumed out of you, but that doesn't mean you'll have to say goodbye to what makes you look and feel good.

Don't be afraid of becoming a Mom and not sure how to be a "Good" Mom. Everyone has their own way of parenting and you raise your child(ren) the way you want. You will be a GREAT MOTHER. Your child will show you a whole new side of yourself and a whole new world in ways that you probably have never even thought or imagined of. Surviving the first year of parenthood is a damn heck of a ride because it's all about learning, bonding and definitely challenging, but it's so worth it in every corner! Just know that God truly knows you needed this bundle of joy more than ever, so enjoy the moment while it's right in front of your eyes!

God Bless

Love & Light,


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