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30 things I would tell my younger self

Hello to a new year, and hello to 30 years old! Something about turning 30 excited me. Although I feel that I'm 25 years old or even younger. I felt a strong shift in my energy and something sparked in me. It was a lot about self discovery and brought me to think a lot about who I was and how I was in my 20s; what was my mindset and what decisions I made that led me here today. So as I turned the page to a new chapter, these are 30 things that I would tell my younger self:

1) Looking for love and company from another person won't fulfill you. Finding a relationship within yourself, discovering who you are, finding your values and happiness, understanding your emotions, needs and loving yourself first is the root to everything in your life.

2) It's okay if you don't have a lot of friends.

3) Find God first then everything else will fall into place.

4) Don't be so quick to tell others about your personal issues. Even if these are the people you trust the most. It's okay to be quiet about them and move on. Some things don't always need to be addressed.

5) It's okay to get hurt, it's a part of life and a growing process to a stronger heart.

6) Don't have so much pride. It's okay to admit your feelings.

7) Have fun but be smart about your decisions.

8) Being shy and always thinking about what other people will think about you, will only limit yourself to doing what you want.

9) Not everyone's mistake will be your mistake.

10) Never stop praying.

11) Don't take anything for granted. You never know when you'll get the opportunity again.

12) Take time to reflect on your emotions and feelings.

13) Asking a question and being unsure about something is not stupid.

14) Don't take anything or anyone so personal.

15) Making the first move doesn't mean you are obsessive. It just means that you know what you want.

16) Waiting for the perfect person or perfect timing doesn't come in the form you imagine it to be.

17) Mentally prepare yourself before you are planning to do something.

18) It's okay to be sensitive and emotional. It just means you are acknowledging what you feel.

19) Take some time to explore. It doesn't have to be taking off on a plane to another country, but simply just going out for more bike rides with your friends, going to the lake, going to see an exciting movie or going on a fun excursion for the day. Explore you, explore life.

20) Don't take your mistakes so seriously. It's a great thing to acknowledge them and learn from them.

21) If you can't stop thinking about it, do something about it.

22) Waking up in the morning means new opportunities and another day to begin again.

23) Take lots of pictures. You won't regret them, ever.

24) Don't be shy to make new friends.

25) Trust your intuition.

26) Everyone is different.

27) Being the first to apologize doesn't mean you are weak.

28) Failing is better than wondering what it would be like if you did give it a try.

29) People come and go. Not everyone is meant to stay in your life.

30) Laugh a lot. Take deep breaths and enjoy the fresh air.

May some of these points find you where you are, find you where you need. <3

Stay in Faith, Stay Connected and Stay In Tuned. God Heals

Photograph by Suzanne


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