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Hey there

i'm Maisee

A mother, photographer, dreamer, and believer, and I definitely hold a lot of Love in my heart. My ethnicity is Hmong, and I'm from Vancouver, BC, Canada. What you will find here is my passion for writing about my life experiences of motherhood, healing, spirituality, travels, beauty, overcoming challenging times and more.

More about my story...

SEETHROUGHHER.COM is named after my name, See Her, but most people call me Maisee (my - c), and that is what I prefer to go by =) My blog means being transparent, seeing through me and sharing everything that moves my soul.

My love and passion for writing drew me to start a blog. At nine years old, I picked up a notebook and a pen and began writing my thoughts away. Since then, I have never left the pen and book down. I started my blog in 2016, painting my voice through words and sharing some of my favourite things I love writing about. When I can't seem to express myself, I always come back to some form of art. After years of dealing with my challenges, I've discovered a new era of me in my healing journey that inspired me to share this part of me, so I hope to send you love, light, healing, motivation and inspiration in times of your darkest moments that no matter how lonely it is, we're all alone in it together.

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More about me...


Favourite  Pic


The Empath's Survival Guide- Judith Orloff


Peppermint Tea


The Marked Heart

Thinking About

Smashing Goals & Building an Empire

Favourite Quote

"I am not what has happened to me. I am what I choose to become". 

- carl   jung

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